TRW Health & Safety Training Programme Agreed


After the successful completion of the Effective Problem Solving training programme TRW’s Pontypool site have asked us to run a series of Health & Safety training events over the next few months. The training will cover Abrasive Wheels Safety, Power Press Safety and the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment. We will be training a range of employees, from Maintenance personnel through to Management and Operators in these techniques, all designed to meet TRW’s exact requirements whilst also enabling them to meet their legislative requirements. The content of the training will be:

Safe Use of Abrasive Wheels

Duration: One Day

Audience: Managers, supervisors, personnel deemed competent to change, dress, etc. abrasive wheels plus those undergoing training and suppliers of abrasive wheels.


-          Programme Introduction

-          Dangers arising from the use of abrasive wheels

-          Current legislative requirements

-          Abrasive wheels characteristics

-          Mounting of abrasive wheels

-          Safety in the use of abrasive wheels

-          Portable grinding machines

-          Programme review

-          Programme close

Power Press Regulatory Safety Training.

Aims: The course aims to provide delegates with suitable and sufficient information to enable them comply fully with the requirements of relevant sections of P.U.W.E.R.1998 and other relevant legislation.

Audience: Toolmakers, tool-setters, maintenance personnel, operator/setters, others who are responsible for the management/supervision of press operations.

Course content:

  • Accident causes/prevention.
  • Legislative requirements
  • Power press mechanisms.
  • Press safety devices/ guards.
  • Inspection requirements.
  • Tool design.
  • Work of tool setter,
  • Summary.
  • Assessment – written test.

Safe User of Lifting Equipment 

Audience: Managers, Supervisors, providers of lifting equipment and users of lifting equipment.

Programme Content

  • Introduction
  • Dangers – safety measures arising from the use of lifting equipment
  • Current Legislative Requirements
  • Marking Lifting Equipment
  • Safety in the use of Lifting Equipment
  • Organising and Planning Operations
  • Weight Estimation
  • Programme Review
  • Programme Close

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