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International Rectifier is a world leader in power management technology. They are leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defence systems all rely on IR’s power management benchmarks to power their next-generation products. IR’s innovative technologies add value to their customers’ designs by reducing power consumption, improving performance and simplifying the development of a wide range of applications and they are looking to enhance their business performance by utilising their current workforce abilities to achieve their aim.

Based on the success of the recent Ownership Maintenance programme IR asked us to set up and run a range of Advanced Soldering programmes. The aim of the training was to reduce the amount of support that they currently have with outside contractors when damage and repairs were required for their TAG and POD modules. If these units have to be replaced they cost £500 each so our trainer, Terry Mould, was tasked with putting together a specific programme with the aim of giving IR Technical staff the skills to be able to identify and repair any damage and save substantial costs by bringing this activity in-house. Having run three programmes to date IR are delighted with the results. John Moylan, IR’s Technical Manager stated “It was great to see that they really enjoyed it and achieved a level of competency that enabled them to actually repair faulty tags as a result of the training. I do not think we could have hoped for a better outcome however with the preparatory meetings and having the equipment in place this really helped.” Within the course there have been a total of 30 units repaired with the potential for many more now that the technicians have the necessary skills, saving IR  a total of £15000 to date in replacement costs.

The programme had the following content:

-  Safety

- Preparation

- How to De-solder

- Soldering Techniques

- Common Problems and Troubleshooting

- Stripping Wires

- Tinning and Splicing Wires

- TAG Repair

- SMT Repair

- Practical Exercise – TAG Repair and Test



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