We are delighted to announce that Maxim Business Solutions have been given accreditation by SEMTA to deliver the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ’s up to levels 2- 4 in both Process (Lean) and Quality (Six Sigma) Pathways.

The primary objective of the Business-Improvement Techniques qualifications is to improve business performance as a whole. This can only be done by empowering the people who make up the organisation; this includes the top level management, middle management, team leaders and all other employees who will have a part to play in improving the performance of the business.

In order for businesses to improve performance, change within the workplace has to take place. The change starts with the Business-Improvement Techniques NVQs which will enable organisations to train their employees towards the competencies they will need to achieve this qualification. These NVQs are not an alternative to any other qualification but are intended to sit alongside those qualifications you already have or are working towards. They are intended to maximise your company profits and revenues by the elimination of waste and the creation of flow through the business by reducing cost and variation. They are also intended to improve responsiveness by making more effective use of people and physical assets. The NVQs are based on national occupational standards. They recognise that candidates who have demonstrated their ability to reach the standard have the skill and associated knowledge to work safely and competently at the appropriate level in their chosen area. Those not completing the full qualification can gain a certificate for the assessment routes they have achieved.


There are no entry requirements or age restrictions for these qualifications. They are open to any candidate who has the potential to meet the requirements for the qualifications.

Support Provided

Maxim Business Solutions provides all the documentation needed to implement these qualifications for candidates. Support material has been produced and can be supplied as hard copy if requested. Registered candidates receive a candidate book, complete with assessment routes to record coverage of the standards.

As a major training company, Maxim Business Solutions brings a wealth of experience and expertise in vocational qualifications to assist its customers in achieving their goals. A team of professionally qualified and experienced internal verifiers is readily on hand to help candidates with any problems or queries, ensuring all their needs are met. Commitment to providing industry with the very best qualifications and a quality of service second to none is the prime objective of Maxim Business Solutions.

Benefits of the Qualifications

The Business-Improvement Techniques NVQs benefit both employers and employees in a variety of ways.

For employers the qualification can:

  • improve business performance and help win contracts
  • maximise company profits and revenues
  • reduce costs, variation and waste
  • assist with recruitment and retention
  • boost employee morale and motivation
  • demonstrate the quality of the workforce to existing and potential customers
  • help reduce workplace accidents

For employees the qualification can:

  • provide evidence of ability to do a particular job
  • help improve career development/promotion chances
  • give a sense of achievement
  • be gained on the job
  • be completed at a time and pace to suit

Structure of the Qualifications

Candidates are required to complete the common mandatory assessment routes, followed by the required number of assessment routes from their choice of pathway. We guide the candidates through the work based learning, via team projects, to ensure all learning points are implemented into the workplace, ensuring not only personal qualification, but real business improvements are gained and sustained.

The pathways may have a further number of mandatory assessment routes, followed by a number of optional assessment routes from a provided selection.

If you want to know more about this qualification please contact us and our Business Advisors will be happy to help.