HR Services

Human Resources General

Developing effective and appropriate HR strategies, policies and procedures to assist in the achievement of business objectives – including discipline and grievance procedures, overtime, holiday (management of to ensure sufficient cover / shutdowns), Absence / sickness, redundancy selection , Data protection and monitoring, Company car / travel, Security (incl. use of photographic equipment, search), Whistleblowing, Harassment, Alcohol and drugs (including monitoring and action), Computer use / abuse (including social networking), Health and Safety.

As your HR Dept, we provide your business with everything a large corporate would expect from its own in-house human resources department. The difference is that you only have to pay for the bit your business uses. Not only is every member of the HR Services team professionally qualified, every one of them has experience of working at a senior level; and as small, locally based business ourselves, we understand from the inside the particular needs of small to medium sized businesses. As HR professionals we undergo continued professional development to ensure we remain up-to-date with any changes to employment law and working practices.

Telephone Advice Line

For a small monthly fee we ensure you are prepared for every employee situation. Our telephone advice line provides you with qualified HR guidance whatever the problem. Our highly qualified HR professionals are just a phone call away providing a local and personal service. We stay in touch with you through any issue, no matter how complicated or seemingly trivial. Practical and pragmatic, we tell you what you can do, not what you can’t do. We also provide you with draft letters and documents to support our advice.

Employment Law

Practical advice  and solutions to both individual and collective employment law and HR issues,  including advice and guidance on what to do and how to do it.

Contracts of Employment

Drawing up statements of employment particulars, ensuring that employment terms and practices remain up to date to meet current legislation.  Policies, terms and conditions should reflect the needs of the business and a review of existing – and desired – practices and conditions will be undertaken to ensure that documentation offers the best business and individual fit possible.

When a company takes on employees it is legally required to provide them with a written statement of the terms and conditions of their employment. More importantly though, this is the opportunity to set out how you want that individual to work and what they will receive from you in return. At HR Services we provide you with a contract suitable for all your staff. We can advise you on pay and benefits, as well as ensuring you meet all the legal requirements. As it is a statutory requirement to have a disciplinary and grievance procedure we draw this up at the same time.


We believe in being sensible and pragmatic and believe there is little point in providing a handbook if it does not benefit the business. We write handbooks in plain English, which reflect the culture and style of each business. The handbooks explain to new staff the correct way to do things and remind existing employees of the rules. The handbook is an important document demonstrating a company’s commitment to its employees and good employment practice. It clarifies expectations which might otherwise lead to expensive errors or misunderstandings. If you subscribe to our advice line service, your contracts and handbooks will be regularly updated to reflect any changes in legislation.

Discipline and Grievance Handling

Offering practical advice and guidance on effective discipline / grievance handling, including absence, control, misconduct, gross misconduct, poor performance. Also assistance with – or conduct of – disciplinary investigations / acting as companion / witness (for Company) in disciplinary / grievance hearings.

Redundancy and Restructuring

Advice and guidance on redundancy handling, restructuring business / site downsizing or closure, including selection of people at risk, consulation, dismissal procedures, appeals.  Assistance – or spokesperson -  in consultations with trades unions, employee representatives.

Pay Bargaining

Advice and guidance on pay systems and strategies. Participation as lead negotiator, companion negotiator or ghost negotiator (assisting in setting direction and strategy of negotiation but not physically involved in front line).

Ethical Issues and Audits

Advice on ETI code (adherence to which is a requirement of most major retailers). Review – or creation – of data on Sedex (Social and ethical data exchange – web based self assessment required by many retailers / suppliers / customers) and advice on changes in terms needed for compliance. Review of data in advance of ethical audit or participation in audit as adviser to Company.


File review to ensure eligibility documentation is correct and current. If incorrect or absent documentation personnel to be consulted to provide correct paperwork and if persistent inability to present, appropriate action taken to ensure employment ended correctly.


In disciplinary / grievance handling or in associated employment issues e.g. working time, agency workers regulations, handling performance issues, redundancies, changing terms and conditions etc. One of the greatest assets any business can have is its staff. Employees who perform well will, in turn, help the business to perform well. Whether a high achieving team, or a manager with excellent people skills, the performance of your staff will have a direct effect on your business’s bottom line. Different needs, different skills. Because we recognise that not all businesses need training in all areas we, in association with our training partners, provide tailor-made courses to meet your needs.  Working closely with you, we will design an individual training programme for your company.


Any team is only as strong as its weakest member. The same is true in business. Your staff are one of your company’s most valuable assets and for your company to succeed it is vital that they pull their weight and work well together as a team. Replacing staff that have moved on, or recruiting staff in an expanding business, takes time and money. Getting the wrong person for the job or failing to follow the correct procedure can be even more costly. Tribunals start here!

Tailoring your recruitment needs

As with all our services, we will work closely with you to provide the level of support that is right for you. At one end of the scale, this may simply be the presence of your HR Services professional at the interview.  At the other end of the scale, we can take on the entire recruitment process for you, including if necessary any ability or psychometric tests, providing you with a final shortlist of suitable candidates.

Advice on other sensitive employment issues

Advice on and or involvement in investigations into long term ill health absences / handling of disabilities and attendant statutory obligations / persistent short term absences / allegations of  harassment / discrimination / pensions change / retirement / maternity and paternity law etc