5S Workshops and Visual Management

On this session the participants will identify the various tools and techniques that help the workplace become more visible. Having consolidated these tools a 5S workshop should be run immediately to start the improvement process. At the end of the workshop Concern and Correction Action Reports (CCAR’s) will be set up to activate the improvements identified.


  • Objectives of Visual Management
  • The Evolution
  • Information Problems
  • What is a Visual Workplace?
  • Organisation
  • The 5S’s
  • Seiri – Sort out the mess and clutter
  • Seiso – Select, a place for everything, everything in its place
  • Seiton – Shine and spot problems
  • Seiketsu – Standardised method, applied by all
  • Shitsuki – Sustain, becomes a habit
  • The 5 Point Clear Out Check
  • The 5 Point Configure Check
  • The 5 Point Cleanliness Check
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Skills Matrix
  • Standard Operations
  • Product Organisation
  • Kanban Systems
  • Scheduling Boards
  • Tool Storage / Shadow Boards
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Points
  • General Displays
  • CCAR Set Up