Creating Continuous Flow

This training session will allow participants to identify how to analyse work activities to determine the best way of flowing the product through the variety of processes that may be used to produce. They will then work on a work based presentation that will be delivered back to management at the end of the training.


  • Outline of Work Based Presentations
  • Introduction to Continuous Flow
  • Getting Started – the Current State
  • The Future State
  • Where to Start
  • The Three Flows
  • Syndicate Exercise – Concerns
  • Team Involvement – Roles and Activities
  • The Nine Steps of Continuous Flow
  • Getting Started
  • What is the Work?
  • Process Study and Paper Kaizen
  • Wastes in the System
  • Syndicate Video Activity
  • ASME Symbols
  • Process Activity Worksheet
  • Process Analysis Exercise
  • Machines, Layout and Material Flow
  • Automation
  • Guidelines for Cell Layout
  • Safety and Ergonomics
  • Guidelines for Material Management
  • Cell Layout Exercise
  • Distributing the Work
  • Implementing, Sustaining and Improving
  • Implementation Planning
  • Corrective Action Plans