Production Control

Planning is one of the most important, yet least understood, jobs that employees perform. This course will enable delegates to develop production schedules and plans using information from a range of departments/functions within the organisations to meet customer demands.


Communication – the Importance of Linking Dept’s

  • 5S In The Workplace
  • The Need for Stock Control
    • Lack of Stock
    • Over Stocking
    • The Costs of Holding Stock
    • Costs of Ordering Stock
  • The Stock Control Process
    • Stock Control Procedure
    • The Two Bin System
    • Book Stock
    • Stock Record Cards
    • ABC Analysis
    • Stock Review Methods
    • Lead Time and Order Levels
    • Using SPC to Forecast
    • Capability Studies
  • Planning Stock Control
    • The Stock Control Cycle
    • Demand
    • Economic Order Quantity
    • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Just in Time (JIT) and Kanban Cards
    • Direct Product Profitability
    • Measure of Stock Control Performance
  • Stock Control Applications
    • Stock Control and other Functions
    • Management Developments
    • Information Technology
  • Performance Checks
    • Action Checking