On this practical session we will lead the participants through the fundamentals of TPM. This will consolidate any previous workshops and move on to measuring OEE and the benefits this will bring to the business.


  • Definition of TPM
  • Introduction to TPM
  • Lifespan Characteristics
  • History of TPM
  • TPM Goals
  • The Relationship between TPM and TQ
  • Why Total?
  • Results of Successful Implementation
  • The Structure
  • Data Compilation
  • Focused Improvement
  • OEE Explanation
  • OEE Case Study
  • World Class Example
  • Ishikawa Analysis of OEE
  • The 6 Big Losses
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • The OFI System
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • The Link to 5S’s
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Design Maintenance
  • The Essentials of TPM
  • First Line Maintenance
  • Second Line Maintenance
  • TPM Don’ts
  • What TPM Should Give Us