6 Sigma, Yellow Belt Status

This programme is designed to give team members an insight into Six Sigma and an understanding of the various roles and stages they may need to understand when they are asked to join a team who are employing this methodology.


  • Objectives
  • What is Six Sigma and Who are the Key Players
  • Six Sigma Successes
  • The Impact of Defects on Costs

DMAIC – the Improvement Process

  • DMAIC Overview


  • The Team Charter
  • SIPOC Analysis
  • VOC

Measure Performance

  • Control Charts – SPC
  • Prevention versus Detection
  • The Process Improvement Stages
  • Process Influencing Factors
  • SPC Chart Compilation

Analyse Opportunity

  • Process Analysis

Improve Performance

  • Assessing Risks
  • Generating Solutions
  • Simple Problem Solving Techniques

Control Performance

  • Quality Control and Monitoring
  • The DMAIC Roadmap
  • Is 99% Good Enough?