FMEA (Design and Process)

This training is designed to be proactive, with a very “hands on” approach. While the theory is discussed, learning is consolidated by syndicate work and group discussion. It will be useful if the participants can bring with them a “live” project that can be kicked off in a classroom-based environment. This will give them an understanding of the depth they will need to delve to enable maximum benefits to be derived.


  • Definition of FMEA
  • The Structured Approach
  • Where it Can be Used
  • Purpose of FMEA
  • How to Conduct
  • Severity Rating Scales
  • Occurrence Rating Scales
  • Detection rating Scales
  • Project Brainstorm
  • Data Collection
  • Piloting
  • When to Pilot
  • Eight Steps of Piloting
  • Critical Issues
  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • The People Side – Stakeholder Considerations
  • Commitment & Communication
  • PDCA
  • Resource Planning
  • Implementation Steps
  • Active Follow Up, Correction and Support
  • Levels of Fix
  • Before and After Data – Project Evaluation