This training is designed to ensure participants understand the benefits of capable measuring systems and the tools available to ensure the best systems are utilised.


  • Objectives
  • Organisational Uses
  • Common Problems with Measurement
  • The MSA Process Flow
  • Desired Characteristics
  • Improving the Measurement System
  • Defining Standards
  • Preparation for a Study
  • Establish a Data Collection Plan
  • Validate the Measurement System
  • Ways to Check Your Measurement System
  • Properties of a Good Measurement System
  • Applying Appropriate Measuring Methods
  • Understanding Variation
  • Sources of Variation
  • Adequate versus Inadequate Systems
  • Gauge R and R
  • Guidelines for Gauge R & R
  • Data for Gauge R & R Studies
  • Gauge R & R Exercise
  • Discrete Systems
  • Improving Discrete Systems
  • Summary
  • Useful References